Writing a New Series

I found myself thinking of a new series and yep, I started it.  I have my regency historical romances that I am still working on and now, I have started more modern times romances.  It will be a whole new series.

I know, chaos.  I am finding that I am really loving writing both books.  My main character in the start of this series is really down to Earth and she is trying to make her way through life.  She has a series of hurdles and lessons she must learn before she finds her true love.

I will be writing books about her quirky neighbors as well.  There are several characters who remind me of people I have met through the years.  Life down in the South is interesting, we have character abounding and characters.

Hell, some of those characters are family.  They would be pissed off if I wrote about them.  Pure entertainment, though.  They might not see it that way so, I can’t do it.

I hope it will be an interesting read for everyone.