The Amazing Things that Shape Us

Today at lunch my husband suggested that I write on my blog about the many things of interest that have happened to me over the years.  I didn’t realize that someone else would find them interesting.

My parents had always stated to honk when seeing a flock of turkey vultures chowing on a meal on the side of the road, we call them buzzards around here, anyway.  They always said to honk because if when scared things would happen.  They weren’t lying.  I have this innate sense of purpose when I see a flock of buzzards chowing on a carcass in the middle of the road, on the side of the road, etc.  I honk.

Well, apparently, not all parents have this knowledge and have never shared this with their children.

Case in point, one day I was driving down the road minding my own business, when what do I see?  Yep, you guessed it, a flock of buzzards working on a particularly large carcass on the side of the road, the Jeep convertible, a Wrangler, I think, didn’t honk, it was full of teenagers, and they were chatting, or doing whatever they were doing, just not honking.  They scared one of the buzzards and as my mouth dropped open in the O position, I knew in that precise moment why my parents had said to honk.  This big bird, scared out of it’s little mind, dropped it’s load of copious amounts of bird poo all over this group of teenagers, his foot hit their windshield edge at the top and that little instance of contact started a chain of events which caused me to stop and stare.  I admit it, I didn’t want any part of that situation. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the smell of being covered in poo, not to mention, it being buzzard poo.

The Jeep full of teenagers, swerved, this way and that, as they panicked.  I stared in wonder at the horrors before me and realized my parents had saved me from that horrible fate by teaching me to honk at the big birds.  Everyone else on the road behind me, never honked, they stopped next to and behind me as we all watched a Jeep full of teenagers swerving across two lanes of traffic, hit the median and come to a full and complete stop on the median.  They all stared at one another in  horror.

I admit, it struck me as funny, and I started laughing because it was absolutely hilarious to see.  This Jeep swerving ahead of me, teenagers covered in stinking bird poo, all because they didn’t know to honk.

As I drove past, I honked my horn at the birds who had gone back to chowing on their carcass, and those kids looked at me, when they saw the birds fly off from me honking my horn.  I could see the amazement in their eyes at this one simple gesture.

I bet they all honk at those birds from that day forward, when they see them.