One of my beta readers came back with a suggestion for one of my chapters.  The headache of it all.  I had to re-write a chapter and then trying to get it to work with what was written before.  That took two days.

I am so glad I am able to write on the fly.  If I had a outline or chart, ay yi yi!

Soon, I am going to have to start my editing pass on my third book.  I am trying to concentrate on book five at the moment.  It is very different than the other four.  I feel I am becoming a better writer with each book.

My hubby is working on getting my first book ready for Kindle Unlimited.  Hopefully, it will be ready, soon.  He is doing an amazing job on my book.

Once it is in Kindle Unlimited, I will release the title to the public.  For now, it is just my first book.