Of All The Rotten Luck…

Patsy’s Birthday Socks

As you can see, one pair of socks, done.

On another note, my wireless program died on my laptop.  I’m being forced to post on my cellphone until my hubby can fix the problem.

I have the worst luck with laptops.  I’m on my second one in about 4 years.  My first one died a horrible death…it burned down it’s motherboard one day.  My 2nd one was immersed in water courtesy of a certain little whiney calico who likes to drink water out of glasses.  Hubby soaked it in alcohol to dry out the water.   Now, this whole wireless thing…grrr!

So, here I sit typing and posting on my itty bitty cellphone keyboard.

Want to win a free copy of The Duke’s Dangerous Darling?  Hubby is going to do a contest on Good Reads.  I will let you know when it will be.

In other news…

I started knitting another pair of socks.  I’m trying to finish up my knitting list for the year.

Each year, my family signs up on the sock list, and when I have the time, I knit them each a pair of socks.

After socks are done, I have plans to knit myself some wool gloves.

I want to sew myself some pajama pants and I have several quilts to finish and get to their owners.

I’m also obsessed with Opal Sock Yarn.   I have been for years.   It wears like iron and has a great hand.