Marketing Sites

Here’s a list of low-cost book promotions I’m using. A few comments on some of the columns:

  • Base Cost: This is the minimum you’ll pay to use this service. Note that most free submissions are not guaranteed and may have review requirements.
  • Feature Cost: Options to get a guaranteed listing.
  • Ebook price: how much is your ebook. ‘Free’ indicates temporary or perma-free. ‘Any’ lets you list any book, regardless of price.
  • Review requirements to list under the base price deal: usually listed as ‘XX+ stars on YY+ reviews’
  • Genre: ‘PG-13’ indicates some restrictions on adult content, particularly sex scenes.
URLBase CostFeature CostEbook PriceReview RequirementsGenre
The Kindle Book Review$0$10-$40Free3.5 starsAny
eBookLister$0Free, Bargain (<$2.99)3.5 stars (nonfiction: 5 reviews, fiction: 0 reviews)Any
bookzio$0$19, $39Free/AnyNoneAny
Armadillo eBooks$0$5Free, Bargain (<$2.99)NoneAny
Wanton Reads$0NoAnyNoneRomance$0$25AnyNoneAny
My Book Place$0$25AnyNoneAny
My Adult Place$0$25AnyNoneRomance
Book Pinning$0n/aAnyNonePG-13
Book Angel (UK)$0Free/Bargain (<£1)NonePG-13
Author Marketing Club$0n/aFreeNoneAny
ContentMo$0variousFreeNoneAny, some Erotica limitations
Digital Book Today$0variousFree4.0+ stars on 18+ reviewsAny
Ebook Mountain$0$5FreeNoneAny
Freebooksy$0varies by genreFreeNoneAny
Bargain Booksyvaries by genren/a$0.99 - $4.99NoneAny
Free Kindle Books$0donationFreeNoneAny
Freebies 4 Mom$0n/aFreeNoneFocused on Moms
Discount Book Man$0$15Free/DiscountNoneNone
Book Butterflyn/avaries, $70+AnyNoneProrated refund (credit)
Book Bubn/avaries, $250+ (free), $600+ ($0.99)AnyNone, but influences acceptancelow acceptance rate, huge mailing list
Book Reader Magazinen/a$20AnyNoneNone
Kindle Book Promotionsn/a$195+ (reviews)
$350+ (sales)
Just Kindle Booksn/avaries, $18+AnyRecommendedNone
Book Kittyn/avaries, $5-$25AnyNoneNone
Red Feather Romancen/avaries, $80-$125Any3.5-4.5 starsNone
Ereader News Todayn/avaries, $35-$120AnyRecommendedNone
Robin Readsn/avaries, $65-$70 (steamy romance)Free, $0.99Recommended10% acceptance
Fussy Librariann/avaries, $9-$20<$5.9910, 4.0+None
Book Gorillan/a$40-$50Free, <$0.99, any (higher price)5, 4.0+ starsNone
Kindle Book Promos$0varies, depending on dealFree, $0.99NoneNone
Reading Deals$0$29Free, $0.995, 4.0+None
Frugal Freebies$0n/aFreeNonePG-13