Knitting Socks

The start of Patsy’s socks.

This is the start of another pair of socks.  I finished the celery socks last week and this week is the start of this pair.

Finished Celery socks

The celery socks are in the hands of their new owner, my brother, George.

newly painted yarn

I painted this yarn yesterday, this yarn is going to be a pair of socks for my niece, Maribeth.

hand painted sock yarn.

This yarn, I can’t wait to knit with.  It is a fascinating color mix.  I thought I would see what the three colors would look like and then knit a pair of socks with it.  If nothing else, I will have a neat looking pair of socks.  That happens some times, I try a color combo to paint and then I knit myself a pair of socks.  If I don’t like how it knits up, I will rip it off of the needles and put the yarn aside.

Now, I am taking a break from writing.  I just haven’t had any good ideas pop into my brain.  I am still working on book 6 of the Tumbling Green series and I want to start another series after I finish all 7 books in the Tumbling Green series.  Yes, 7 books, total.  I have had several requests to write a story about Lady Poppy and Sir Henry, how they met and their life story, or the beginning of it.

I am also thinking about sharing one of my sock knitting patterns here for everyone who knits to enjoy.  I am doing a simple sock pattern right now, see first picture.  The yarn is Wintry Kisses, I painted it a couple of years ago.  The yarn is a merino wool/silk blend.  It is one of my favorite yarns to knit with.  The sock is being knit on US 3 addi turbo sock rockets with 24 inch cables.  I have employed 4 stitch markers for this pattern.  I also make those, when I have the time.  I haven’t had time for beading in a while.

My sock list is closed this year.  I usually open the list up at the beginning of the year and family members can put their names on the list to have one pair of custom socks knit for them.  It takes me usually 2 weeks or more to knit one pair of socks.  Nowadays, it is taking longer since I have been writing.

One person asked me to knit something for them but, I said, no.  I am not knitting professionally right now.  I don’t have the time, I am finishing the sock list for the year and then I am taking a much needed break for myself.