Knitting Socks and Writing a Book…Busy Times

I have a line of people who want hand knit socks from me.  Right now, I have a new pair of socks on my needles for my oldest brother.  I am also trying to write book number 5.

It takes me pretty much two weeks for me to knit a pair of socks.  Then take in that I have household chores to do.  Being an author is great but, trying to find time to do the daily chores cuts into writing time.

I am sure the hubby likes his clean clothes weekly.  I don’t think he will like it if I quit washing clothes and dishes.  I am also the cook at our house during the week, he cooks on the weekend which helps out so much.

I asked for a fold up wagon for my anniversary present.  I love this wagon, I tried it out yesterday by taking it along to the water park.  It worked so well that my sister actually told her husband that she needs one.  I found mine at Academy, near me.  It isn’t the $100+ one, mine is an Academy one.  It works and the price tag was nice.  It carried all of my crap to the table and back to the car with no one sinking from exhaustion from the heat.  My niece, even asked for one.  She thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Hubby cooked a brisket today in his new smoker, I gave him one for his anniversary present.  We had an old electric one that died a horrible death.  He now has a propane one.  He loves it.  I love when he smokes something on the weekends, it works out well for both of us.  We had family over today for the brisket and all the trimmings.  I bought some ice cream and we had the sundae bar, which lets everyone make what they want on their ice cream.

I had crocheted my niece a cardi and after going through the pattern, I had to cut 6 inches off of the bottom, it was too long.  Then the sleeves if I would have followed the directions through, would have been 6 feet long.  Unless you are a chimpanzee, it wouldn’t fit.  So, I tried the thing on and me being larger than my skinny niece, I realized that it wouldn’t work.  The cardi called for size L hook, and the yarn they are using is worsted weight.  There is no damn way that the L hook works with it.  So, I decided to follow their directions and used it.  Never again.  After this cardi, that pattern is out of here.  I am happy that she loves it.  She told me that it is soft.  That is all that matters, she wants to wear it.  Makes my day when someone loves something that I have made for them.

The socks that I am knitting, the yarn is one of my hand painted yarns, it is called Celery and it is a merino/nylon yarn.  The needles I am using are Addi turbo Sock Rockets in US 3.  I chose this specific yarn because it is resistant to carpet better than some of the other yarns I have used.  I love Opal sock yarns for people who have carpet, it resists the carpet eating it better than the bfl/silk yarn I have used before.  I have the holes in the heels of those socks to prove my point.  I love the socks though and I need to darn the heels.

After my list of socks gets knitted up, I am going to knit myself a new pair of socks.  Notice everyone else gets socks before me, the actual knitter.  I was thinking of knitting some gloves in some of the wool I have in my yarn stash.  I have a huge yarn stash.  Doesn’t every knitter, though?

Then there is the fabric stash, I have several quilts that need to be finished.  Yes, I am busy crafting away over here.  I saw the neatest video today on making wire rings out of half hard wire, this wire they were using was a rose gold and they made the most beautiful rose ring out of it.  I saw it and thought, ooh, I can order that and make some of those, then I realized, wait, I have too much on my plate as it is right now.  I would have to give up sleep.  I am not going to do that.

I have even let people know that I am not professionally knitting right now.  I don’t have the time and I really have a problem with someone who demands that I make them something and how much they are willing to pay me.  Uh, no!  That is not how I work.  If you want me to make you something, I will give you my price.  I am not going to be told to knit something.  It is called asking.  Ask me if I will knit you something, and I will consider it.  My going rate for a sweater is $1000.00.   No typo.  I don’t have time to do it but, if someone really wants one, that is my price right now.  It takes a long time to knit a sweater and I hate knitting sleeves.  They suck!  If you want one, then I will send you to my mother in law, she knits the things and she loves to do it.

I generally have time to do some charity knitting but, with writing taking over my time, I don’t even have time to do my usual charity knitting.  I make hats for less fortunate out of wool.  Acrylic sweats and it doesn’t breathe like wool does.  I know so many people tell me that it is too hot here in Texas for wool.  No, it isn’t.  Wool breathes and it will keep a person warm without the nasty feeling of sweat pooling and then getting cold from it.

I wish I had time to sit and spin some fiber but, as you guessed it, no time for that, right now.  I have some primo fibers in a tote from when  I belonged to the fiber of the month club.  If you have the cash and you spin, I highly recommend it.  Paradise Fibers has it.  I had it for a year and then I stopped it since I was cutting expenses.  It gives spinners some really nice fibers, and it will let a person try blending new things and if you really love something, they offer a discount for a bigger batch of the one you love.

I want to do some writing tonight.  Everyone have a beautiful weekend wherever you are.