Getting Over My Shyness

Since I haven’t been out in public for a long time, it is hard for me to approach someone and ask, do you read?  You do?  Would you like a business card, I am an author and this is my first book.

I had worked retail for ten long years and I retired from it when I met my husband.  It took me ten years before I liked Christmas, again.  Oh, the horrors of retail and Christmas!  I could tell you some serious horror war stories about retail and Christmas.

This is why around Christmas and every other time of the year, I try to be nice to the person behind the register.  I am also nice to pharmacy personnel since I worked for five years in a pharmacy as a tech.  Never going back to that one.  Some of the people were great, they understood that the pharmacists needed time to fill those prescriptions, check for contraindications, and call the doctor when one came up.  Then there were the others….Grrr!

These days, I find myself writing at the weirdest times.  I have to explain to non-writers how this happens.  I mean, an idea pops into my brain at the strangest times.  I have had one pop into my brain at 3 am and I am thinking, I have to get my lap top.  Then I have been driving down the road and I am thinking, I hope I remember it until I get home.  I am not packing a lap top wherever I go.

Writing is something like painting yarns and dyeing yarns, when a color pops into my brain, it would stay and haunt me, I would be in the fabric store and I would start putting those ideas stuck in my brain into fabrics with my sister staring at me like I had lost my mind.  I would turn to her and say, sorry, yarn.

Oh?  Yes, yarn.  Now, since I have started writing full time, I don’t have much time for knitting and I have one sock on the needles that needs to be finished and sent with washing instructions to my oldest brother.  Then I have to research and write the pattern for my sister in law’s socks.  I no longer write patterns for public view because I am of the opinion as a long time sock knitter to try that sock on as you knit it.  Might as well, it is part of the craft.  I like to try them on to see what that pretty lace design looks like on my foot.  So, for everyone who owns a pair of my socks, I have tried that baby on.  I would even write it in the pattern to try that sock on.  Measure on your own foot when to start the toe.  I knit from the cuff down.  I can knit it from toe up but, I prefer to knit it from the cuff down, easier and quicker for me.

I can talk yarn and knitting all day long.  I have to finish crocheting my nieces jacket.  She hasn’t asked for it but, I know she wants the thing.  It is sitting on a box waiting for me to finish it.  I will get to it later.  I have a sock to finish.

Then there is the whole knee thing…I am in agony with it.  Stupid knee.  I had forgotten how horrible my knee brace really is and the pain associated with knee pain.  I have been hobbling around on it and going to the grocery store is out because I can’t stand to hobble around on it for long.  Just short trips.

I am a klutz and I have faced this, I just wish it didn’t take so long to heal.  I have to get my whiny out.  I have done that, and I am moving on.

I will try to approach complete strangers and say, I am not a crazy person, I am an author, and I want the world to know, I have written a book.  I am not sure if you will like it or not but, I wrote one, that is published, and I have four more at home on my computer.  One just came out of beta reading, and is headed to the editor early spring 2018.  One is heading to beta reading soon.  I have to go back through it and fix what I can and then send it out to my beta readers.

If you are on Facebook and you want to be a beta reader, go click on my LL Neal page and that is where I find my beta readers.  I ask if anyone would like to read my new books that are unedited, they might change, after editing, and I go on from there.  I am looking for one more beta reader for my third book.

Now…off to the races, er lunch.