Cedric, the Butler

I recently asked of my Facebook author page who is your favorite character in The Duke’s Dangerous Darling. I stated that my favorite character is Cedric, the London butler.

He is very endearing to the family.  The daughters all love him and he is quite the character.  He comes across as formal until the drinking starts and he is right there with the family.  He laughs with them, he cries with them and he drinks with them.

He can be stiff and formal to strangers and then turn around and be the life of the party the next second.  He is a favorite of Lady Poppy and Sir Henry.

When I wrote his character, I wanted him to be someone that the girls were able to turn to when their parents had other ideas.  He is like that favorite Uncle that a lot of people have.  He is a rascal, too.  I think he is a well rounded character with a sinfully delicious taste in fine brandy.