One of my beta readers came back with a suggestion for one of my chapters.  The headache of it all.  I had to re-write a chapter and then trying to get it to work with what was written before.  That took two days.

I am so glad I am able to write on the fly.  If I had a outline or chart, ay yi yi!

Soon, I am going to have to start my editing pass on my third book.  I am trying to concentrate on book five at the moment.  It is very different than the other four.  I feel I am becoming a better writer with each book.

My hubby is working on getting my first book ready for Kindle Unlimited.  Hopefully, it will be ready, soon.  He is doing an amazing job on my book.

Once it is in Kindle Unlimited, I will release the title to the public.  For now, it is just my first book.


Beta Readers

I am trying to find beta readers for my second book.  I thought it would be easy to find readers for it.  Everyone who I have asked is avoiding me like I have the plague.  Really people?

The book has some steamy action in it and I feel really weird in asking people I know to read it.  One of my many nieces pointed out to me how creepy she feels thinking of me writing sex scenes because I am her aunt.  One of my older sisters told her to gloss over it and not read it.  How is that supposed to help me out?  I want to know.

I am going to ask my best friend to see if she will beta read for me.  I am hoping she has the time, if not, her husband who does read romances.  He reads them to her, which I think is sweet and amazing. Not many men admit they read romance novels and to their wives, no less.

My hubby just groans and he did read one, I asked him to read.  He wasn’t thrilled by it but he did do it.  He is more of a sci-fi and fantasy reader.  Romances aren’t his thing.

I have found I can’t read another romance when I am writing one.  Nope, not going to happen.  I am currently reading a suspense novel.

I am also working on a crocheted cardi for my 14 year old niece, the drama queen.  I positively hate when she tsks at me and gives me my attitude back at me that I had back in the day.  It seems she is more like me and this really irritates my sister to no end.  I think it is funny.  Just wait until 17, she is going to have her hands full.  I was hell on wheels at 17.  It took 30 years to mellow me out some.  I still have my days, though.

I have to finish working on the cardi, and then I have two pairs of socks to knit.  I was looking in my yarn stash for the yarn I want to use and I found one today and I think the pair for my brother, I am going to use some Opal  yarn.  I love this yarn because it is tough, it withstands carpet very well.

For some reason lately, I just don’t even feel like painting any yarn.  My goal, I think is to finish writing book four and then start book five.  New ideas have been bouncing around in my head lately and that tells me, time to get back to writing.

I also want to start on a new quilt.  There is one slightly large problem, time.  I would have to give up on sleep.  No, that isn’t going to happen.  I have several quilts I need to finish.

Procrastination has played a big part in me not finishing those quilts.  I admit it, I do procrastinate and it usually involves knitting the second sock.  It now involves the quilts that need to be finished.

Back to finding my beta readers.

You Want What?

I recently asked a question, it was about the birthday sock.  I owe my oldest brother a pair, he has never had a pair of the things, so, I thought, well, time to offer him his first pair.  Not a problem.

I had to ask the question via one of my sisters who was on the phone speaking with him at the time.  I was asking his shoe size, I get a reply via the family group page on FB.  Then I get another reply from my SIL, she wants a pair of the birthday socks but, she wants hers stretchy.  No problem there at all.  I have just the yarn picked out for her.  I am still trying to decide about my brother’s yarn.  Do I go with a hand painted yarn I created or do I go with commercial yarn out of the stash.  I pulled out several skeins of commercial yarns and I am trying to decide if they are manly enough.  I can pick out yarns for the ladies, no problem.

I am still trying to decide.

We were at a family dinner on Wednesday night and a pair of birthday socks were being handed over to one of my nieces to give to her SIL, who is also a niece, her first pair of the birthday socks.  My hubby remarked I was using the family delivery system.  We employ it every now and then when I don’t feel like making that 100 mile journey to just deliver a pair of socks.  I didn’t want to mail them since I didn’t want to pay for the postage.  Yes, I was being cheap.  I knew someone was going in the direction and would deliver them for me.

As I am thinking of socks, I have my husband asking me to do all of these things associated with getting my first book ready for publishing.  He has to keep reminding me since I forget everything.

I have a dog who seems to love cheap pink yarn, he keeps pulling a skein out of the box sitting on the floor, I am in the middle of crocheting a cardigan for my 14 year old niece who hates scratchy things, so, I am using a nicer acrylic yarn that isn’t scratchy but, soft.  I have a pair of socks on the knitting needles, and I am about crazy from this dog.  I keep telling him no, he just looks at me, wags his tail and ignores me…he’s a terrier.

My husband tells me, that I am no longer allowed to pick out the next dog, I spotted the terrier at the local pet adoption and thought he was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  Yeah, tell me again, why we adopted this terror.  Oh yes, he was cute.  Grrr!  

Now, why is this dog attracted to pink yarn?  I can’t figure it out.  No idea why he likes acrylic yarn.  He doesn’t bother any of the wool in the house.

I am currently writing the fourth book in my series.  I have stopped and I am thinking about how I will go on with the book.  The weird thing is as I sit down to write, it comes pouring out of me.  I am not an outliner, I am what is called a pantser, in other words, I write by the seat of my pants.  I laughed when my husband told me this.  My husband is completely opposite, he has an outline.  I don’t, I have a notebook with my characters and I have them written down as to who they are and what they are like.

This whole endeavor would not have gotten off of the ground without my husband, he is amazing at computer skills.  I am completely awful with a computer.  I know he shakes his head at me when I do something completely wrong.  I am creative, not technical.

A New Chapter Begins

How does a fiber artist become a writer?  A challenge was thrown down and I accepted it.  My older sister, Melinda, challenged me to start writing, again.  I hadn’t written a thing other than e-mails since college.

She noticed I was becoming bored with my current job, it was fun while the ride lasted and I will always fall back to knitting or creating with yarn and fiber when I have the time.  I still knit socks for birthday presents with hand painted yarns but, there was a need to find another outlet for my creativity.

I was bored with the romance books I had been reading and I was finding myself throwing them down in disgust, it was the same old story over and over.  The sad thing is that the characters were blending together from different authors, and it felt like they were all using the same characters.

I found myself picking up my laptop and writing that first sentence.  That first sentence started it all, I found myself sitting up at 3 am and it was pouring out of me.  My first book was written, I was stunned.  Yes, stunned that I had created something for others to read and hopefully, enjoy.