A Sock Is Done, 2nd One on the Needles

I finished one sock for my oldest brother, top photo, cast on for the second sock, bottom photo, and I haven’t written a thing on the fifth book.  Life has been happening, again.

Life likes to intrude into my writing, its called house cleaning and I hate it.  Yep, I hate cleaning but, it is a necessary evil.

Then as I was thinking I was moving on with my cleaning and being good, I was feeding my dogs, and I fell off of my flip flops. I have no idea how I did it.  It just happened and now I am in my giant knee brace, I never thought I would be thankful to see the big ugly thing, knee brace, but this morning I was so happy to see it.  I was in agony for two days and I am still in agony but, it is stabilized agony.  My flip flops are flat, not the stacked ones.  Talent, pure and simple.

It is what it is.  Nothing more.

So, now that I am back to knitting on socks, I find myself bored with plain socks but most men do not like designs on their socks.  I love knitting lace socks and I design them when I have time but, I am stuck with plain boring socks right now.  It is slowly killing me.  Arrgh!  It is so boring.

I am trying to go as fast as I can to finish this sock so, I can knit lace socks.

I know some people think it is strange to have a romance writer who knits socks.  Hey, I knit to relax and I find myself thinking of my characters as I knit.

I am thankful for my darling husband who at times makes me crazier than a opossum in a fig tree but, he is wonderful at other times.  I would be lost without him.  He has been wonderful each time I have been off of my feet, he is really good at triage, he can bandage me up, and get me to the ER when it is needed.  He replaced my crutch tips, and grips when they needed it on my crutches.  By the way, crutches suck.  Hold my purse and I can cruise on my crutches.

Monday, I had to do swimming pool cleaner repair.  I have to say, they just don’t make pool cleaners like they used to.  Ernie, our Polaris 360 ripped a drive band, not a problem, I have parts for my pool cleaner in my parts drawer and I managed to put the drive band on and decided to change both.  I changed his tires, since the old ones were really worn and wearing to one side.  I managed to get him back together and something else broke on it.  Grr.  I had several choice words to say about it and then I broke another item on it.  I managed to get it together minus the two broken pieces.  I get it back into the water after the hubby put it back on the hose and I have to go back and change a setting, he isn’t crawling the walls like he should.  So, when I can hobble outside and get my screwdriver, I have to reset the setting on the thing.

I had to relearn how to upload photos from my camera onto my computer.  I find I am in that category of people, middle age and I need a teenager to help me deal with this thing.  I finally remembered how to do it and did it.  My older sister asks her 14 year old daughter to help her out with her cellphone.  I was hoping I wasn’t going to be one of those people.  I might be.  Scary!