A Quilt in the Works, A Sock, and What I Hate About Writing

I am currently cutting out fabric for a baby quilt, one of my nieces is preggers.  I said, we need to use orange, no, my niece doesn’t like orange at all.  Grr.  Whatever happened to the days when a quilt was presented and the mama was happy with it?  Go figure.

I am also knitting a pair of socks….again.

The yarn is neon berry, it is by Regia, the yarn is part of the fluormania yarns.  It is freaking bright.  Ainsley gets this pair, she loves bright colors.  So, after this pair is finished, then I have two more pairs to knit.

I am sick of sock knitting.  I need mittens for myself, and a new hat.

I realized what I hate about writing, the editing portion of it.  Ugh!  Hate it.  I had to go through book three and I finally finished going through it.  I am waiting for book 2 to come back from the editor.

My editor said it should be ready, either Wednesday, or Thursday.  I am excited to see it but, it means that I have to go through it and fix what she suggested.  Not a happy camper about it but, this is part and parcel of writing.


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