A New Chapter Begins

How does a fiber artist become a writer?  A challenge was thrown down and I accepted it.  My older sister, Melinda, challenged me to start writing, again.  I hadn’t written a thing other than e-mails since college.

She noticed I was becoming bored with my current job, it was fun while the ride lasted and I will always fall back to knitting or creating with yarn and fiber when I have the time.  I still knit socks for birthday presents with hand painted yarns but, there was a need to find another outlet for my creativity.

I was bored with the romance books I had been reading and I was finding myself throwing them down in disgust, it was the same old story over and over.  The sad thing is that the characters were blending together from different authors, and it felt like they were all using the same characters.

I found myself picking up my laptop and writing that first sentence.  That first sentence started it all, I found myself sitting up at 3 am and it was pouring out of me.  My first book was written, I was stunned.  Yes, stunned that I had created something for others to read and hopefully, enjoy.