A Quilt in the Works, A Sock, and What I Hate About Writing

I am currently cutting out fabric for a baby quilt, one of my nieces is preggers.  I said, we need to use orange, no, my niece doesn’t like orange at all.  Grr.  Whatever happened to the days when a quilt was presented and the mama was happy with it?  Go figure.

I am also knitting a pair of socks….again.

The yarn is neon berry, it is by Regia, the yarn is part of the fluormania yarns.  It is freaking bright.  Ainsley gets this pair, she loves bright colors.  So, after this pair is finished, then I have two more pairs to knit.

I am sick of sock knitting.  I need mittens for myself, and a new hat.

I realized what I hate about writing, the editing portion of it.  Ugh!  Hate it.  I had to go through book three and I finally finished going through it.  I am waiting for book 2 to come back from the editor.

My editor said it should be ready, either Wednesday, or Thursday.  I am excited to see it but, it means that I have to go through it and fix what she suggested.  Not a happy camper about it but, this is part and parcel of writing.


When the Mood to Write Strikes

I was about to go to sleep last night when my brain decided to fix the current problem my heroine was in.  So, I was forced to walk downstairs, boot up my computer, and write.  I looked up and realized it was already 4 am.  I was worn out.  I headed to bed and just when I was getting comfortable, the cat, my only cat left, decided to voice her discontent.  No idea what was wrong but, she is loud, piercingly loud.

She woke up my hubby who had to be at work in the morning.  So, I had to apologize to him and to the dogs.  I fell asleep and just when I was really getting comfy, the cat started her bitching again, this time when the husband was getting ready for work.  I was tired, he apologized to me for waking me up.  We were even at this point because of the cat.  I told him, don’t worry, the cat woke me up.

I came downstairs, did my morning ritual, made breakfast, and checked my email.  I fell asleep on the couch, in front of the tv.  I woke up and decided to go get lunch.  I came home, dealt with the mail and put the dogs out.  Now, I am sitting here thinking of my book and what my heroine is going to do next.

She is a hot mess.  Trying to work through her problems is proving to be interesting.  I find that knitting helps me to get through her problems as well as my own.  Funny, isn’t it?

I am trying to finish this series so, I can start writing two other series that are on my computer.  I am finding ideas pop up at the weirdest hours.  Apparently from what I have read, this is normal for pantz-ers.  I have to get my computer and jot down notes on those ideas to save for later.  I also have my low tech character notebook.  I would be lost without it.

I have knitting patterns in between the characters, it tells you how much knitting and writing go together for me.  I even thought about putting some knitting patterns in the books but, then I thought, no.  Not going to happen.

Who knows one of these days, one of my sock patterns might appear on here.  Be forewarned, I use simple patterns for my socks and charts.  If you can’t follow a chart, then don’t try my patterns.  I would rather use a chart than words, it is easier once you get the hang of it.

I believe in trying on the socks, too.  So, put that foot in the sock and use your toes as measurement points.  I have places on my foot that I remember as to where to stop for the toe portion on the socks.  For size 7 socks, I know to stop at the start of the ball of the foot.  Size 7.5 socks, I work up to the start of my little toe, above the little toe for size 8 and my own size, 8.5, midway to the second to last toe.

I am working on size 4 socks for my great niece, Ainsley. Pictures will follow later.  The yarn is neon and I prefer to knit on it in low light.  It is crazy bright.